About Skyline Promotions

Skyline Promotions WarehouseEstablished in 1988, Skyline Promotions sells, rents, and services eye-catching on-site outdoor advertising and promotional items to clients throughout the country. We are well known for the high quality inflatables which we manufacture entirely out of US materials in our 9000 square foot facility in the heart of Tampa, Florida.

Our reputation has been built on our giant advertising inflatables and air dancers. No details are overlooked in crafting our products…from the most durable domestic fabrics to heavy duty reinforcement at crucial stress points. Every product is engineered to provide the best performance and durability. We make each product to order to satisfy every customer’s specific needs…the “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t apply at Skyline!
The same approach applies to our service and rental division. Every customer’s needs are different as is every event or promotion location. Whether it’s your inflatable, dancer, flag or banner or ours, Skyline’s installers are trained to install to provide the most visibility, public safety, and follow all local sign codes.

Over the years, Skyline Promotions has consistently added new outdoor on-site advertising and promotional products to its lineup. Today, in addition to our inflatables and dancing tube men, Skyline offers a complete line of custom printed and stock flags of all styles, shapes, and sizes, custom printed banners, helium-filled blimps, balls and cloudbuster balloons and, most recently, eye-catching colorful wind generators and wind driven signage.

Skyline Promotions is proud to have earned a great reputation for its products and services and the way in which it conducts its business. Skyline has been nominated twice for the Tampa Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year and its owner, Bruce Cohen, has been nominated for the Chamber’s Small Businessman of the Year. Evidently, we’re doing something right!

About Our Management

A native New Englander, Bruce Cohen first learned the basics of running a business while still in high school. His first business was a belt manufacturing business, selling the products to chain stores and boutiques. It was in this business that he was introduced to purchasing raw materials, overseeing manufacturing, sales and marketing, and financial management. He took a break to go to college and after that entered the footwear industry in a sales, marketing and sourcing capacity.

In 1991, after more than a decade in the footwear industry, Bruce moved down to Florida and acquired Skyline Promotions…and he’s been here ever since!

It was around the same time that Bruce joined the Inflatable Advertising Dealers Association (IADA), then a newly formed trade group. The opportunity to work with and associate with other leading firms in the industry was a natural for Bruce. All of the firms in the organization are truly professional operations and, like Skyline Promotions, are fully insured and committed to promoting the best practices in the inflatable industry. Today, Bruce Cohen is the president of the IADA’s Board of Directors.

Our Mission Statement

Skyline Promotions’ Mission is to:

  1. Always deal fairly, ethically and honestly with its customers, employees, and vendors even if Skyline has no direct or immediate benefit.

  2. Provide the best quality products and services at the lowest possible cost to the customer.

  3. Continually improve the quality of products and services and never settle for anything less than the best.

  4. Provide as pleasant and comfortable working environment for its employees as is possible.

  5. Always match the needs and requirements of the customer to the products and/or services to be provided even if it means referring the customer to another source for products or services not offered by Skyline.

  6. Never cut corners on provided services and/or products.  Always provide the best, even if it takes longer or costs more!

Skyline Promotions’ Products and Services

Products – Since every customer has different needs, Skyline specializes in creating your inflatable to YOUR specs!  We make:

  1. Hot Air Balloon Shapes – 8’, 10’, 12’, 15’, 18’, 22’, 27’ High; Made to order in color combinations specified by customer.

  2. Character, Seasonal and Custom Shapes – King Kong/Ape, Elephant, Panda, Santa Claus, Snowman, Uncle Sam, Eagle, Money Bag, Jack O’ Lantern.  Made to order in customer’s choice of color.

  3. Inflatable Logos and Billboards (Custom) – Limited by your imagination!

  4. Food Product Replicas – Ice cream cones, pizza, elephant ears (elephant head!), lemonade and other beverage cups, apples, strawberries…limited by your imagination in your choice of “flavors” and sizes!

  5. Inflatable Tents – Giant inflatable dome shaped tents in your choice of colors and art treatments.

  6. Air dancers, Sky Dancers, Tube Men, Wiggly Men – whatever you want to call it, we make in-house with US made fabrics to your specs…your choice of heights, colors, logos and message, one leg, two leg…whatever you want!

  7. Helium balloons, spheres, blimps and cloudbusters – When you need something high in the sky, Skyline Promotions carries reusable helium filled inflatables in a wide variety of sizes and colors as well as the ever-popular one-use cloudbuster balloons.

  8. Custom and Stock Flags – in all sizes, colors, styles…custom flags with whatever you want to say!

  9. Custom digitally printed vinyl banners…need to get your word out?  Our banners do the job.

  10. Custom banners for inflatables – painted or digitally imaged…priced right!

  11. Giant pinwheels (aka Wind Generators) – these are BIG and definite attraction-getters!  Colorful and large (up to 12.5’ in diameter)…a gentle breeze is all it takes to get these moving.   The novelty and movement of these is sure to get attention!


  1. Rentals – Skyline Promotions rents giant advertising balloons, custom and character shape inflatables, and skydancers (aka air dancers, wiggly men, tube men, etc.)

  2. Installations – Skyline Promotions installs giant balloons and other inflatable shapes, helium-filled blimps and cloudbusters, flags, banners, and pennant lines.

  3. Inflatable repairs – Skyline Promotions repairs giant cold air inflatables, bouces, slides, combo units, etc.

  4. Permits – We will pull permits (when required) for any of our rentals.

  5. Emergency service – we provide emergency service calls for every one of our rentals (as needed) quickly and at no extra charge.


4813 N Manhattan Ave,
Tampa, FL 33614
Phone: 813-870-2780
Fax: 813-879-1626


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