Giant Balloons For Sale

We manufacture our cold-air inflatables and balloons in our facility in Tampa, Florida adhering to the highest quality standards. All seams are double lock-stitched with heavy bonded UV resistant thread…no seam failures like those cheaper foreign-made products! The fabrics in our inflatables feature a UV resistant vinyl coating and are specifically designed for outdoor use. And, adding to the outstanding durability and performance of our designs, all stress points are reinforced with heavy duty webbing! Our attention to detail makes for an inflatable which will outlast others and perform well in adverse weather conditions.

Balloon Shapes

Over the years, we’ve made our distinctive, high-quality, high-performance hot air balloon shapes in heights from 8′ to 27′ in all color combinations. Don’t confuse these with cheap imports! These balloons are designed for heavy use and will perform extremely well in windy conditions! Many of the leading balloon rental companies around the country prefer our balloons over other manufacturers! Use custom banners to get your message out! Custom inlaid logos are available to make your balloon truly one of a kind!


EasyAir 123 Self-Contained Balloon Systems

Super easy to set up and guaranteed to get attention, our popular line of EasyAir 123 balloon systems is ideal for those with limited space and a limited budget. Available in 8, 10 and 12 foot heights, the EasyAir 123 balloon system is totally self-contained with an internal blower and internal lighting. Each system is made to your color specifications of the same durable fabric as our larger inflatables and comes with two custom banners with your specified copy! Our proprietary construction makes for an exceptionally stable balloon that will actually stand on its own! Four tie downs with stakes (sand bags are available as an option) ensure stability in breezy conditions. Just plug it in and you’re in business!


Product Replicas

If you have a product which you would like to promote, consider one of our giant inflatable product replicas! Whether it comes in a bottle, can, or box, Skyline Promotions can make your idea a reality! Fantastic for either point-of-sale or at events!


Inflatable Logos

If you want to make an impact with your logo on a shape other than a hot air balloon, consider some of these approaches!


Character and Seasonal Shapes

Totally distinctive and appropriate for special occasions, holidays or when you want to gain a lot of attention, Skyline’s character shapes are made to the same exacting quality standards that distinguish our inflatables from the rest!

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