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Why Skyline Promotions?

We are your one stop shop for all your inflatable advertising needs. We manufacture, rent and even repair giant balloons and inflatables. We have been in business for over 20 years at the same location. During that time, Skyline Promotions has established itself as one of the premier manufacture and rental companies, of inflatable adverting products in the U.S. We have rented and installed advertising inflatables for both national and local businesses in Tampa Florida.

What Sets Us Apart

[list style=”check-3″]24 Hour Emergency Hot Line
Unmatched Customer Service
Best Pricing
Quality Materials & Construction
Best Warranty In the Industry
Fast Delivery

Our Reputation

Our reputation for quality and on-time service has earned us the respect of others in our community as well as throughout the national advertising inflatable industry. This recognition has led to being repeated nominations for the Tampa Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year. We have also served multiple terms on the Board of Directors for Inflatable Advertising Dealers Association (the industry trade group).

Why Inflatable Advertising And Balloon Promotions Work

Although cold air inflatable advertising products can be used indoors, they are most often used for on-site outdoor advertising. Products such as giant balloons, air dancers, and helium spheres, pinpoint the location of your business or event and help it standout from the crowd. Inflatable advertising will attract the attention of thousands of people passing your location.

Balloon advertising both complements more traditional advertising, by reinforcing current advertising campaigns, and reaches out to a segment of potential customers that other types of simply can’t reach – those that are walking, driving and shopping near you. It makes sense that the most likely customers for your business are those that are walking, driving, and shopping near it!

By targeting these potential customers you will increase walk-in traffic and increase sales. Conventional advertising like print and broadcast media not only cost more, but reach well beyond the customer base most likely to visit your location. Skyline’s products and services are guaranteed to enhance your visibility and attract customers to your business!



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